The Centerville Noon Optimist Club annually recognizes members of the community, leaders who exemplify our community service mission.

  • Robert  J. O'Toole Award  - Fire Safety Week, the firefighter and emergency medical technician award is presented every October honoring Firefighter Robert O'Toole, killed in a highway accident in 1998.
  • Officer John Kalaman Award –  Respect  for Law, Honoring local law enforcement officers who exemplify the contributions made toward the betterment of our community. The Award was named for Centerville Policeman John Kalaman, tragically killed in the line of duty in 1998.
  • Youth Appreciation Award -  Outstanding youth from the Centerville area are recognized for their accomplishments annually with the Youth Appreciation Awards. These awards honor students who are actively involved in community service.
  • Scholarship Awards -  Annually, up to five education assistance awards are presented to graduating seniors in the community. Applications are submitted in March for presentation before the end of school.
  • Will Cale Scholarship – This scholarship is different from a traditional scholarship. It is not applied for. Students who have been challenged by adversity in their lives, but have shown great determination in overcoming it, are sought out. These students know that higher learning is the key to their success in life, but need financial assistance and guidance to make it happen. A certain amount is provided per semester towards tuition (primarily) but can also provide assistance with food, transportation and other essentials. This is a renewable scholarship. In addition, mentors are provided to guide these recipients.